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Auction for Tohoku

As announced at the MTV VMAJ Flea Market for Tohoku, you can win special artist goods, personal items and even a car by bidding on them at the special Auction for Tohoku page on Yahoo! Auction. Items are available to overseas bidders too! As well as items from major J-Pop stars, Tokio Hotel, James Blunt, Kylie Minogue and Bryan Adams are up for grabs!

Latest News

» Bryan Adams is the latest international star to donate an item to the Auction for Tohoku.
» Alfa Romeo will be auctioning a brand new MiTo starting July 16th!
» Thanks to all who came to the MTV VMAJ Flea Market for Tohoku on June 25th! We will announce the total raised for the Japanese Red Cross Society right here on July 25th!

auction item

Bryan Adams Group
Keith Scott Guitar

Bryan Adams auction item

This red Paul Reed Smith Guitar (serial number 174699) was used live for one song every night during three years of touring of the Bryan Adams Group in the late 1990s. The damage is from the guitar being thrown in the air at the end of the song. Keith's technicians repaired the damage and noted on the guitar, the city name and year, including Fukuoka, Japan.
» Bryan Adams

auction item

Signed Sports Outfit

EXILE auction item

Mega boyband EXILE kindly join the Auction for Tohoku with this donation of a full-signed sports outfit emblazoned with their logos. It features a hooded jacket and comfortable sweat pants, signed in silver by all members of the group. The item was shown off by VERBAL & JJ at the MTV VMAJ Flea Market for Tohoku on June 25th.

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To learn more about the earthquake and tsunami and the effects in Tohoku, click through to the Japanese Red Cross Society website for the latest information on the recovery process. Proceeds from the Flea Market for Japan will go to support the reconstruction.
Red Cross